First Responder Support Tools (FiRST) and HazMat Evac provide First Responders and Emergency Managers with critical map-based information to support their incident response. Both Applications are powered by FiRST, containing all the capabilities described in this website. (details)
Display DHS or Custom IED standoff and damage contours with surrounding Points of Interest
Quickly summarize incident details via email that automatically captures text, image, and GIS shape and kml data.
Show standoff for over 3,000 hazmat materials using current weather based on the 2012 ERG.
Show an optimized set of roadblocks necessary to isolate the incident area based on US Census TIGER data.
IED Standoff
HAZMAT Evacuation
View mandatory evacuation and shelter-in-place zones for user defined or DHS defined IED types. View IED range-to-effect data for injury and damage based on the FEMA 426. Access to DHS data requires an IED data access code; see FAQ for details.
View isolation and downwind protection zones for over 3,000 hazardous materials based on the 2012 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). Downwind weather provided by network services (ex. NOAA, WeatherBug) or user defined. Includes reference material from the 2012 ERG and important chemical contacts for quick calling.
Map Data
Sharing Information
View map data with functionality to zoom, search by address, and display map/satellite/hybrid views. View an optimized set of roadblocks necessary to isolate the road network near an incident (US territories only). View key locations of interest (schools, fire stations, etc.) near incidents, GPS location, and user defined map annotations using the phone mapping system (Google Maps or Apple Maps).
Automatically capture incident results (text summary, map image, and map KML and Shapefile data) and email to key personnel. If associated with a FiRST Sharing Service (FSS) organization, you can post incident data that is automatically alerted to and available to all other organizational personnel. FSS association also lets users post to external systems such as Virtual USA.
FiRST Testimonials
"I’ve been showing off your product to several of my peers in the response field and the response has been very positive. Even our more technologically challenged folks seem to use their smart phones and tablets in the field so it’s a natural progression to turn to them for access to our useful data. It’s refreshing to see that there are people who are starting to put these great tools to use in Public Safety."
-Bomb Squad Commander, Georgia
"I want to thank you guys for your work on this project. In the short time I've had the app, I've already used it multiple times on scenes. It really is a great and helpful tool for us."
-Lieutenant, NC Fire Department
"AWESOME app. Thank you to you and your team for creating this App, I know from my own experience in law enforcement that this tool will be a great help to first responders around the country."